GayComicGeek Reviewed in the Shadows

GayComicGeek is so cute. I like it when he reviews movies I’m in.

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In The Shadows with Tony Orion


This was a stranger scene to shoot. We had been in Palm Springs for over a week shooting many scenes for different movies and we all thought we were done, but Jasun Mark said “why don’t we do one more with you and Tony?” We were already there and Tony is cute so I was happy.

It was shot on the last night of the whole production run. Late at night. We wanted it to seem a bit mysterious and strange but bright. They removed most of the furniture from the room and rolled around the room on a dolly to shoot things.

What I didn’t know was that Tony shot extra video to use at his own home to start it out. So the scene is a dream. Which makes a lot of sense now why we shot it late at night.

I like this movie a lot.

This is what Titan wrote about the scene on their site…


As he lays down to rest, Tony Orion blurs fantasy and reality as images run through his mind. Suddenly sitting on a couch stroking his cock, he stares at Dario Beck—who does the same with his thick shaft, his foreskin sliding up and down. Tony moves closer and gets on his knees, opening wide to deep throat Dario’s dick as his tongue slides up the stud’s pole. The two stand and kiss, their cocks slamming against each other in heated swordplay.


Dario sucks Tony’s veiny cock, then gets his hairy hole slurped. Tony fucks Dario from behind, the bottom then sitting down on him as they both moan “Oh fuck!” Dario’s steel rod slams against his own tight stomach as he rides, the camera capturing the hot sequence head on as his cock continues to bounce. Dario gets on his back for more, releasing a sticky load that clings to his hand before Tony squirts, a few cum drops clinging to the bottom’s pubes.

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