Kiki is going Viral!

Let’s Have A Kiki Karaoke from Jasun mark on Vimeo.

Justin knew the song. Jasun and I did not. But we had fun anyway.

I had just gotten off the plane from a 12-hour flight from Madrid only to get in the car and drive through rush hour traffic to Palm Springs almost 4 hours. But it was still a fun time as you can see.

Excellent Nightfall Review

Was very excited to see this review of my movie Nightfall.

I remember that we shot it in Alta Dena just in the hills above Pasadena, California. It was about half an hour drive up into the hills from Los Angeles and since it was night and we shot it in early spring, it was a bit cooler than you might think. The very hot heaters were just off camera at any time so we felt warm.

Gay Comic Geek does a great review. Very glad he loved it so much and Jasun was an amazing director. The movie looks better than I imagined it would when he told me about it.

You can see it here at Titanmen.

Or buy Nightfall on DVD here (on sale right now.. don’t miss).

Nightfall Soundtrack

Love this. Very dark and moody.