The Next Resort

Last time I was in Palm Springs, we were shooting this movie. It’s called Resort. Starring Conner Habib, Hunter Marx, Colby White, Jay Bentley and Christopher Daniels. And Me.

It was HOT. By that I mean “it was 114° most of the time.”


Just meant we spent a lot of time in the pool when we weren’t on set shooting porn. So I spent a lot of time naked. lol.

My scene will be out next week on but you can get it now on DVD at the Titanmen Store here.

I’m under Surveillance….

Surveillance comes out this week at Titanmen. It’s got an amazing four way I did with Christopher Daniels, Trenton Ducati (so handsome!) and Harley Everett. It’s also the first movie that Jesse Jackman did.

Doing this scene was so diferent from any other scene I’ve done before.

The setting was so nocturnal, it was easy to imagine myself doing a night shift as a secutity guard. The scene turns into a fourway in the storage room, with Spencer Reed, Trenton Ducati and Christoper Daniels. As I found myself on those boxes, and saw the look on my three handsome pals I new exactly what was going to happen!

We used a lot of different kinds of cameras for this, showing what it’s like to see people fucking on hidden cams.

 Click Here  to see it on  Titanmen.

Full gallery after the jump.

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The New Titan Men Site!

Titanmen has redesigned their site to look and work better.

You can even see all of my movies there. In case you wanted to see me without the underwear lol.

Here are some pictures from one of my favorite scenes with Hunter Marx from Impulse. Hunter is from the northern part of America where there is a lot of mountains and trees and open space. We don’t have a lot of lumberjacks in Barcelona where I live but when I think of the American north, I think of men like Hunter swinging their axes and sleeping under the stars.

I love strong, hairy American boys like him.

I love that glint he has in his eyes, so sweet and sexy. He was so much fun to do a scene with. The way he smiled at me and he was fucking me. I like it when a man keeps looking at me right in the eye like that.

Do I get bonus points for that upside down 69 blow job acrobatic thing? And does anyone else remember what movie the title of this post is from?

You can see a video clip of the two of us together in Impluse here.

There are more pictures from this scene after the jump.

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