Titanmen Membership Sale

For Valentine’s Day Titan is having a sale on memberships to their website.

It might be an unexpected Valentine’s Day present but imagine what kinds of nights it could start. Haha.

Membership is about half price if you buy 6 months for $69.95.


I had to remove this pic from my facebook page, really don’t know why, everything is put aside and covered! Well here I can post it for you! 🙂

Do you have any big plans for Valentines Day? Who whould you like to be your Valentine? I’m going to tell you a little secret: I wouldn’t mind having a hot date with my sexy dentist! I just was there for a teath whitening, and I confess I have a crush on him. He is so sweet, he didn’t even charge me for the session! Isn’t that awesome?


Thats me brushing my teath, I do this after every meal, so I wear my electronic toothbrush with me everywhere. I love it, need to feel fresh in my mouth. My friends always make fun of this, when they see me doing it. I use so much toothpaste that I have to keep my mouth closed or its a big mess.


Look at this white teath, my sexy dentist did a great job, I’m happy! Ready for the Valentines kiss! Oh yeah!

Found this in a restaurant in Barcelona, nice!

Want a piece of my pizza? 😀 Happy Valentines Day guys!

Sneak Peek and me and Cavin Knight in Command Performance

Here’s the scene description, Ill tell you all about it when the scene comes out later this week.

In the gym showers, Dario Beck belts out a love song as water streams down his toned body. The sound seduces smooth Cavin Knight, who surprises Dario with a kiss as their boners graze. The tattooed Cavin slurps on Dario’s thick rod, munching on his foreskin. Dario returns the favor before eating Cavin, who sits on the dark-haired hottie’s tongue as the two jack off. Back by the lockers, Cavin offers his smooth hole: “That’s it!” he moans, his back arched and his muscular arms holding him up as Dario’s balls bang his ass (“Fuck me! Give it to me!”). Cavin sits down on the top, his stiff-as-steel shaft bouncing as he rides. The two stroke out another round of loads, including a hot, semi-handsfree gusher from Dario with beautifully delayed spurts.

This scene will be out on Titanmen’s new Video On Demand site this week.

I posted more pictures after the jump.

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Friends Suck

This is from the photo shoot before I did my scene with Cavin Knight for Command Performance. When you are having to pose for still pictures it can be hard to stay hard. So Cavin was nice enough to help me get “back up.” He’s hot and I really liked working with him. Scenes always go much better when you are turned on a lot by your scene partner.

Cavin is from America, Southern California to be exact. He’s the kind of guy that I think of when I picture the American boys working out on the beach. Just knowing I was about to do a sex scene with him helped my dick stay hard too.

He said he liked my foreskin. I liked how he treated it. lol

Command Performance will be out on Titanmen very soon.

I’m under Surveillance….

Surveillance comes out this week at Titanmen. It’s got an amazing four way I did with Christopher Daniels, Trenton Ducati (so handsome!) and Harley Everett. It’s also the first movie that Jesse Jackman did.

Doing this scene was so diferent from any other scene I’ve done before.

The setting was so nocturnal, it was easy to imagine myself doing a night shift as a secutity guard. The scene turns into a fourway in the storage room, with Spencer Reed, Trenton Ducati and Christoper Daniels. As I found myself on those boxes, and saw the look on my three handsome pals I new exactly what was going to happen!

We used a lot of different kinds of cameras for this, showing what it’s like to see people fucking on hidden cams.

 Click Here  to see it on  Titanmen.

Full gallery after the jump.

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The New Titan Men Site!

Titanmen has redesigned their site to look and work better.

You can even see all of my movies there. In case you wanted to see me without the underwear lol.

Here are some pictures from one of my favorite scenes with Hunter Marx from Impulse. Hunter is from the northern part of America where there is a lot of mountains and trees and open space. We don’t have a lot of lumberjacks in Barcelona where I live but when I think of the American north, I think of men like Hunter swinging their axes and sleeping under the stars.

I love strong, hairy American boys like him.

I love that glint he has in his eyes, so sweet and sexy. He was so much fun to do a scene with. The way he smiled at me and he was fucking me. I like it when a man keeps looking at me right in the eye like that.

Do I get bonus points for that upside down 69 blow job acrobatic thing? And does anyone else remember what movie the title of this post is from?

You can see a video clip of the two of us together in Impluse here.

There are more pictures from this scene after the jump.

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What? Don’t you sing in the shower too?

Just me horsing around in the shower a bit.

That really is me singing. So Jessy Ares isn’t the only one in Command Performance with a video now. Haha.

Thank you all for a great year.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend no matter what you are celebrating or doing.

Next year I hope we have just as much fun here.

First, Last, Everything

Someone sent me a link to this on Youtube. How fun to see this. THANKS FOR DOING IT!!!