Behind the scenes, me at work…wood, cameras, action!

Here’s a nice youtube video with some cool behind the scenes stuff from my movies.

Thanks whoever put it together and did the video!

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Cock and balls on the table

Ok, before you ask: No, this is not my living room!  It’s just one of the furniture stores I saw today, while looking to buy some nice stuff for my apartment. It was an older lady standing paralysed in front of the store’s window that got my attention. What was she looking at so terrified? Well, here is what I saw:

A cock and balls made of marble stone, on a table. Certainly nothing to be afraid of. I had to take a picture, while the lady kept staring inside and shaking her head.  😉 What do you think?  Would you buy it for your home?

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PinkX Video Award Nomination for Criminal Intent

Its so cool to be nominated for “Best New Cumer ” I’m very proud! You can still vote for me here.

The movie I’m nominated for is Criminal Intent, its a great movie, and I had a very hot flip-flop scene with sexy Leo Alarcon.  Watch the movie online here. 

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If you want to know more about the movie, check out the story about shooting Criminal Intent as well,  I already did a post about this scene, because its one of my favourite!


I’m very excited to tell you guys that our scene from the Titanmen movie SURVEILLANCE just won the Grabby Award for Best Group!

Spencer Reed, Christopher Daniels, Trenton Ducati and me. What a team, and what a scene it was!

I really enjoyed this one, and somehow I new this scene was a winner. I feel very happy and proud that we won this. I’d like to express my thanks to Brian Mills, Paul Wilde and Jasun Mark, and all the great guys at Titanmen! And of course I want to thank especially YOU, for watching us! 🙂

The whole movie is up on Titanmen‘s website and if you buy the DVD, you also get a full digital copy of the whole movie.

Here’s the scene description…

Think you have privacy? Think again. Every move you make is being recorded, the watchful eyes
of a stranger fixated on every inch of your body. You’re under Surveillance by TitanMen
exclusives Dario Beck, Trenton Ducati, Jesse Jackman and Hunter Marx
, who lead a
warehouse full of horny studs anxious to exploit you.

In the loading dock, beefy Spencer Reed exchanges sucks with chiseled Trenton Ducati—as
security guard Dario Beck watches on camera, soon exchanging sucks with blond Christopher
. The four soon join forces, a gang bang leaving Dario coated in cum.

Check out the gallery after the jump…

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Sex in the Shower

If you ask me, the hottest place for sex is the shower. Rubbing the soap on your partners boddy, a wet kiss under the hot water,… Oh yeah! Thats definately something I love to do. And just because I have done it many times, here are some tips for sex in the shower I have put together for you guys!

1 Breathe and let your partner breathe
Its not easy to get your necessary dose of oxigen when you are getting your mouth filled under the water stream or when you go down on your buddy in the hot tub. You may hold your breath for a while, as for diving, but go out of the water before you are blue in the face. While your partner is serving you, make sure he is doing ok down there,
dont push him under the water or force him with your legs, a panic atack in this situation could be a total fiasco.

2 Dont swallow soap
Its fun to play with soap, spraying the cool showergel on each other, teasing and pleasing, masaging, kissing, licking… But before you start using your thonge, make sure the soap is rinsed, cause it never tastes as good as it smells. Its disgusting, keep it off your mouth.

3 Use the right lube
When you are having sex in the shower you need to use lots of lube. Otherwhise, you will not be able to take it. Its also a good idea to step to the side so yo have at least part of your body out of the waterstream or bathtube for fucking.

All the pictures are from my scene with Cavin Knight in Command Performance.

Check out a bit of action after the jump…

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Had a GREAT trip to Los Angeles

I finally got to go to Los Angeles. I’ve always wanted to go. Seeing Hollywood and Beverley Hills and Rodeo Drive in movies and hearing about Silverlake and West Hollywood and Pasadena my whole life, this was a dream to go. And it was a great experience.

First day I arrived I stayed with Jasun Mark. He and I spent a whole day before we started shooting going about the city seeing all those things I always wanted to see. I got to check out Hollywood Blvd where the stars have the walk of Fame (I wanted to see Dean Martin’s star the most and I found out that he actually has THREE stars). I got to see the Mann’s Chinese Theater where all the movie stars have put their shoes and hand prints. Got to go shopping on Melrose and then had lunch in West Hollywood where I had a random and unexpected meeting with Alex Frietas.

Then on to Beverley Hills where I got to go shopping on Rodeo Drive. That was one of the best parts, seeing all the stores and all the people. It’s just like it looks in the movies but even bigger and better.

We started shooting the next day and my first scene was with Adam Russo. I saw Adam Russo in Mojave Run and was excited to get to meet him and work with him. More pictures from that, later.

Check out my vacation pictures after the jump…

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With Criminal Intent…

If you watched Criminal Intent, these pictures will probably be familiar to you… It’s another favourite of mine, especially because of my scene partner Leo Alarcon.

This Mexican cutie excited me so much, I just didn’t want to stop fucking his hole. His beefy and tight arse took some time to relax so I could go ahead all the way in, and that excited me even more. (Not that I’m a masochist, but the more I see my partner’s ass is in pain, resisting to my dick, the harder I want to get in. lol)

He was also very sweet and sexy, we had a great time playing and getting to know each other after the shoot. He’s adorable!

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Command Performance

Have you already seen my newest movie Command Performance? My scene with Cavin Knight was insanely hot to shoot! We had great chemistry from the start, as we first kissed in the foto shooting, I felt I just wanted to be in him right there, so I actually got quite impatient during the morning, until finally it was showtime! It felt so good, I just forgot about time and all the cameras surrounding us. Its so great to feel sexually conected in that level. Cavin is such a sexy guy, great kisser and sweet passioned lover!