Excellent Nightfall Review

Was very excited to see this review of my movie Nightfall.

I remember that we shot it in Alta Dena just in the hills above Pasadena, California. It was about half an hour drive up into the hills from Los Angeles and since it was night and we shot it in early spring, it was a bit cooler than you might think. The very hot heaters were just off camera at any time so we felt warm.

Gay Comic Geek does a great review. Very glad he loved it so much and Jasun was an amazing director. The movie looks better than I imagined it would when he told me about it.

You can see it here at Titanmen.

Or buy Nightfall on DVD here (on sale right now.. don’t miss).

The biggest one I’ve ever seen! I wanna taste it myself…

Brian Mills is always making fun about my thing for delicious and big american cheeseburgers. I can’t get enough american beef when in USA. Well, now I found a burger that would totally satisfy my appetite: A casino in Minnesota has cooked it up, setting a world record.

“I’d like to order a One-Ton Cheeseburger, with fries, ketchup all over the place, and a diet coke, please!” hehehe!

But this 10 feet diameter burger is no good idea for a drive in or take away, of course! I would have it for Sunday Brunch with friends, skip the salad, actually skip breakfast and dinner and any other meal for that week. And bring lots of beer, wine or gin;  for better digestion. Later, we can always have a “siesta” on top of that spongy bread. Looks comfortable!

Cock and balls on the table

Ok, before you ask: No, this is not my living room!  It’s just one of the furniture stores I saw today, while looking to buy some nice stuff for my apartment. It was an older lady standing paralysed in front of the store’s window that got my attention. What was she looking at so terrified? Well, here is what I saw:

A cock and balls made of marble stone, on a table. Certainly nothing to be afraid of. I had to take a picture, while the lady kept staring inside and shaking her head.  😉 What do you think?  Would you buy it for your home?

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