The Next Resort

Last time I was in Palm Springs, we were shooting this movie. It’s called Resort. Starring Conner Habib, Hunter Marx, Colby White, Jay Bentley and Christopher Daniels. And Me.

It was HOT. By that I mean “it was 114° most of the time.”


Just meant we spent a lot of time in the pool when we weren’t on set shooting porn. So I spent a lot of time naked. lol.

My scene will be out next week on but you can get it now on DVD at the Titanmen Store here.

Excellent Nightfall Review

Was very excited to see this review of my movie Nightfall.

I remember that we shot it in Alta Dena just in the hills above Pasadena, California. It was about half an hour drive up into the hills from Los Angeles and since it was night and we shot it in early spring, it was a bit cooler than you might think. The very hot heaters were just off camera at any time so we felt warm.

Gay Comic Geek does a great review. Very glad he loved it so much and Jasun was an amazing director. The movie looks better than I imagined it would when he told me about it.

You can see it here at Titanmen.

Or buy Nightfall on DVD here (on sale right now.. don’t miss).

My scene in Nightfall

Nightfall is a big hit! I’m so happy because it was my first time working with director Jasun Mark, and I had a great time. We did the scene during the night, set in a public park, wich was very exciting.  All scenes are available on the site now:  Click Here to see the whole scene at or you can also Click Here to Order Nightfall in DVD

You can see how much fun it is on the set! Here we where doing the stills for Nightfall, and sexy Ty Roderick was fluffing me now and then. Such a cool and handsome guy. That was so hot! The scene we did toghether will be released soon.

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Behind the scenes, me at work…wood, cameras, action!

Here’s a nice youtube video with some cool behind the scenes stuff from my movies.

Thanks whoever put it together and did the video!

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Friends Suck

This is from the photo shoot before I did my scene with Cavin Knight for Command Performance. When you are having to pose for still pictures it can be hard to stay hard. So Cavin was nice enough to help me get “back up.” He’s hot and I really liked working with him. Scenes always go much better when you are turned on a lot by your scene partner.

Cavin is from America, Southern California to be exact. He’s the kind of guy that I think of when I picture the American boys working out on the beach. Just knowing I was about to do a sex scene with him helped my dick stay hard too.

He said he liked my foreskin. I liked how he treated it. lol

Command Performance will be out on Titanmen very soon.

What? Don’t you sing in the shower too?

Just me horsing around in the shower a bit.

That really is me singing. So Jessy Ares isn’t the only one in Command Performance with a video now. Haha.

First, Last, Everything

Someone sent me a link to this on Youtube. How fun to see this. THANKS FOR DOING IT!!!