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Working as a Stuntman

I always loved watching those action movies with policemen chasing criminals,  gun shootings and car explosions, while siping my tonic water and enjoying some popcorn on my couch. How little did I know about all the work that is involved in each single take of those hollywood productions until I started working and training with […]

What a Crazy Life!

This recent trip to SF was full of new experiences and surprises. I loved visiting Alcatraz, walking through the Castro and having my cheeseburgers at Harveys, wich is kind of a tradition for me everytime im in SF! It was so funny to step into this poster suddenly, I went like “ow thats porn, ow […]

Coming Soon… 4-Way

While I was in San Francisco last time I shot a 4 way scene with Christopher Daniels, Trenton Ducati and Spencer Reed. I’m told it’s not the only four-way in the movie we were shooting that’s called “Command Performance.” It will be out very soon. Looking forwards to you seeing it.

Distraction – the Perfect Porn Shoot

It’s not easy to choose one of all my favourite movies I’ve done so far, I will pick up a few, starting with Distraction. You can click here to see clips from this movie. When Brian Mills told me I was going to work with Marco Blaze and Dean Flynn in that scene, I was […]