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Shag is definitely one of my favourite porn movies I have filmed, my scene with Rocco Diaz was amazingly hot. It was such a pleasure to shoot with Rocco, he is just an all around great guy, incredibly handsome and charming,very masculine and classy. He was so respectful and well mannered during all our time […]

Excellent Nightfall Review

Was very excited to see this review of my movie Nightfall. I remember that we shot it in Alta Dena just in the hills above Pasadena, California. It was about half an hour drive up into the hills from Los Angeles and since it was night and we shot it in early spring, it was […]

Interview and cover for SEXBOYS BRAZIL

This was in my mail box today, fresh from Rio de Janeiro! Cool, I’m the coverboy of Sexboys Brazil. I have to say the guys from the magazine where really nice and I want to thank them for showing so much love. This was fun to do, and since the article came out I’m making […]

The biggest one I’ve ever seen! I wanna taste it myself…

Brian Mills is always making fun about my thing for delicious and big american cheeseburgers. I can’t get enough american beef when in USA. Well, now I found a burger that would totally satisfy my appetite: A casino in Minnesota has cooked it up, setting a world record. “I’d like to order a One-Ton Cheeseburger, with fries, ketchup […]