The biggest one I’ve ever seen! I wanna taste it myself…

Brian Mills is always making fun about my thing for delicious and big american cheeseburgers. I can’t get enough american beef when in USA. Well, now I found a burger that would totally satisfy my appetite: A casino in Minnesota has cooked it up, setting a world record.

“I’d like to order a One-Ton Cheeseburger, with fries, ketchup all over the place, and a diet coke, please!” hehehe!

But this 10 feet diameter burger is no good idea for a drive in or take away, of course! I would have it for Sunday Brunch with friends, skip the salad, actually skip breakfast and dinner and any other meal for that week. And bring lots of beer, wine or gin;  for better digestion. Later, we can always have a “siesta” on top of that spongy bread. Looks comfortable!

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