Sex in the Shower

If you ask me, the hottest place for sex is the shower. Rubbing the soap on your partners boddy, a wet kiss under the hot water,… Oh yeah! Thats definately something I love to do. And just because I have done it many times, here are some tips for sex in the shower I have put together for you guys!

1 Breathe and let your partner breathe
Its not easy to get your necessary dose of oxigen when you are getting your mouth filled under the water stream or when you go down on your buddy in the hot tub. You may hold your breath for a while, as for diving, but go out of the water before you are blue in the face. While your partner is serving you, make sure he is doing ok down there,
dont push him under the water or force him with your legs, a panic atack in this situation could be a total fiasco.

2 Dont swallow soap
Its fun to play with soap, spraying the cool showergel on each other, teasing and pleasing, masaging, kissing, licking… But before you start using your thonge, make sure the soap is rinsed, cause it never tastes as good as it smells. Its disgusting, keep it off your mouth.

3 Use the right lube
When you are having sex in the shower you need to use lots of lube. Otherwhise, you will not be able to take it. Its also a good idea to step to the side so yo have at least part of your body out of the waterstream or bathtube for fucking.

All the pictures are from my scene with Cavin Knight in Command Performance.

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