Had a GREAT trip to Los Angeles

I finally got to go to Los Angeles. I’ve always wanted to go. Seeing Hollywood and Beverley Hills and Rodeo Drive in movies and hearing about Silverlake and West Hollywood and Pasadena my whole life, this was a dream to go. And it was a great experience.

First day I arrived I stayed with Jasun Mark. He and I spent a whole day before we started shooting going about the city seeing all those things I always wanted to see. I got to check out Hollywood Blvd where the stars have the walk of Fame (I wanted to see Dean Martin’s star the most and I found out that he actually has THREE stars). I got to see the Mann’s Chinese Theater where all the movie stars have put their shoes and hand prints. Got to go shopping on Melrose and then had lunch in West Hollywood where I had a random and unexpected meeting with Alex Frietas.

Then on to Beverley Hills where I got to go shopping on Rodeo Drive. That was one of the best parts, seeing all the stores and all the people. It’s just like it looks in the movies but even bigger and better.

We started shooting the next day and my first scene was with Adam Russo. I saw Adam Russo in Mojave Run and was excited to get to meet him and work with him. More pictures from that, later.

Check out my vacation pictures after the jump…

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  1. djtombrown
    djtombrown says:

    So glad you had a good time. I wanted to fill you in on “Blame it on the Bossanova”. It has reached #5 on my current playlist as of 5/11/12. I sure could use a copy of the video. You would not belive the attention it gets when I play it. If they ever saw the video they would go nuts! If you could send to me somehow to use I would be exstremely greatfull. Can’t wait to see you & adam in action!!! Thanks, Tom

    • dario
      dario says:

      Hey Tom! Thats amazing, I very happy about that, thanks! The video is available here on this site, or on mancast.com. You are wecome to use it! I would love to send you the video myself, but he video is not in any DVD! Cheers!


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