I had to remove this pic from my facebook page, really don’t know why, everything is put aside and covered! Well here I can post it for you! 🙂

Do you have any big plans for Valentines Day? Who whould you like to be your Valentine? I’m going to tell you a little secret: I wouldn’t mind having a hot date with my sexy dentist! I just was there for a teath whitening, and I confess I have a crush on him. He is so sweet, he didn’t even charge me for the session! Isn’t that awesome?


Thats me brushing my teath, I do this after every meal, so I wear my electronic toothbrush with me everywhere. I love it, need to feel fresh in my mouth. My friends always make fun of this, when they see me doing it. I use so much toothpaste that I have to keep my mouth closed or its a big mess.


Look at this white teath, my sexy dentist did a great job, I’m happy! Ready for the Valentines kiss! Oh yeah!

Found this in a restaurant in Barcelona, nice!

Want a piece of my pizza? 😀 Happy Valentines Day guys!

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  1. tom brown
    tom brown says:

    love your video of blame it on the bossa nova. I listen to it & play it at the bar I DJ at. Do you know how I can get the video to play at camp davis where I DJ at in the summer?. campdaviscampground.com

    • dario
      dario says:

      Hello Tom! That’s awesome, thanks for the nice comment! Could you write me so we have a private chat about that? 🙂 Thanks! Cheers!


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