Command Performance

Have you already seen my newest movie Command Performance? My scene with Cavin Knight was insanely hot to shoot! We had great chemistry from the start, as we first kissed in the foto shooting, I felt I just wanted to be in him right there, so I actually got quite impatient during the morning, until finally it was showtime! It felt so good, I just forgot about time and all the cameras surrounding us. Its so great to feel sexually conected in that level. Cavin is such a sexy guy, great kisser and sweet passioned lover!

Titanmen Membership Sale

For Valentine’s Day Titan is having a sale on memberships to their website.

It might be an unexpected Valentine’s Day present but imagine what kinds of nights it could start. Haha.

Membership is about half price if you buy 6 months for $69.95.


I had to remove this pic from my facebook page, really don’t know why, everything is put aside and covered! Well here I can post it for you! 🙂

Do you have any big plans for Valentines Day? Who whould you like to be your Valentine? I’m going to tell you a little secret: I wouldn’t mind having a hot date with my sexy dentist! I just was there for a teath whitening, and I confess I have a crush on him. He is so sweet, he didn’t even charge me for the session! Isn’t that awesome?


Thats me brushing my teath, I do this after every meal, so I wear my electronic toothbrush with me everywhere. I love it, need to feel fresh in my mouth. My friends always make fun of this, when they see me doing it. I use so much toothpaste that I have to keep my mouth closed or its a big mess.


Look at this white teath, my sexy dentist did a great job, I’m happy! Ready for the Valentines kiss! Oh yeah!

Found this in a restaurant in Barcelona, nice!

Want a piece of my pizza? 😀 Happy Valentines Day guys!