What a Crazy Life!

This recent trip to SF was full of new experiences and surprises.

I loved visiting Alcatraz, walking through the Castro and having my cheeseburgers at Harveys, wich is kind of a tradition for me everytime im in SF!

It was so funny to step into this poster suddenly, I went like “ow thats porn, ow thats me!”

That’s from the movie Game On (obviously, lol) that you can see here.

People that recognized me on the street and in the clubs where very casual and friendly. I met some really nice and cute guys!

The fourway with Trenton Ducati, Christopher Daniels and Spencer Reed was brutally hot. I was unable to sit straight on my flight back to Europe, and it was a 14 hour flight with lots of turbulence over the Atlantic Ocean.

Back in Europe again I had the chance to audition for a new spanish daytime drama. The role was a gay son of a rich family that gets abused and blackmailed by his stepfather. Here is how I showed up.

I totally nailed the audition. Even was able to cry on camera, they loved it. Two days later my agency calls me and tells me I’m not gay enough for the role, they want a real gay boy. (then she adds textually): “you know, a men who likes men” WTF! I am totally gay, and proud of it! I just shoot a fourway with three guys, shouldn’t that be gay enough?

I should have sent them the link to my movies, and maybe flirting with the female casting director wasn’t such a good idea (was just trying make some extra points).

Crazy business!

[COMMING SOON… “Working with the stuntmen.”]

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