Distraction – the Perfect Porn Shoot

It’s not easy to choose one of all my favourite movies I’ve done so far, I will pick up a few, starting with Distraction.

You can click here to see clips from this movie.

When Brian Mills told me I was going to work with Marco Blaze and Dean Flynn in that scene, I was totally excited. It was my first time shooting in California and meeting the guys in the Palm Springs house was awesome. All I always had fantasized about American porn was there.

Two of my favourite porn stars smiling at me by the pool, surrounded by palm trees under the hot California sun. WOW! But I had no idea about the great sexual chemistry there was going to be between the three of us.

It was the most perfect three-way; we were connected in a very relaxed way, like buddies exploring each others bodies. And there was a lot to explore! I was playing the pool boy, distracted from my work as I see some hanky panky going on between Dean and Marco. I love to play the voyeur, especially when I get to join the party. A smile from Marco is all I need to get busy with a more satisfying occupation

After the first round, we moved inside the house and there it was, A BED! A king size, freaking comfortable bed! Something very rare in porn. I mean I have nothing against concrete floors, stoned patios, steel tables, or tiny chairs, but sometimes it feels so good to have a bed, especially for three big guys like us.

It was hard work, but a big pleasure to shoot!

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